Symbols of Spain

I just finished with the symbols of Portugal (27 in total) so now I moved my attention to Galicia, in North-Western Spain, just above Portugal. This time around I wanted to make a more unified look to the future symbols, as there will be at least double the amount and it does help me a lot if I have some starting shapes/volumes whenever I take a new project. The inspiration comes from CATAN the game.

I start this topic with the city A Guarda -> this is a city that has in the surrounding area tons of ruins of pre-Roman encampments. It sits right at today’s border with Portugal and from the top of the mountains, one might get stunning landscape photography.

I wrote an article about this city here (with real photos of course):
028 – Top things to do in A Guarda – ES – 12 000 years of human presence – Pixels travel