Symetrical Rigging

A lot of rigs are mirror symmetrical. I know the technique of naming all the bones name.L for the left side bones and name.R for the right hand bones, but this doesn’t seem to actually allow me to copy poses for one side of the model to the other. Is there some quick way of copying AND mirroring AND renaming? And is there any quick way of symmetrically weight-painting?

there are copy pose, paste pose and paste mirrored pose buttons in the header of the 3D view when in pose mode. with W you can easily rename and flip the names.
there is also a batch rename script you could use, at least that one works for objects.

and to mirror the weight, there also a script for that which comes packed with blender.

weight painting itself can also be done symmetrically, some xmirror button in the Nbutton transform dialogue box.


Thanks for the help - I’m going to have a look at little_fella BTW. My rig’s thread is at and it’d be great if you commented

thanks man, I’m looking at your thread to, downloading, will reply there in a minute.
Thanks for looking at my rig, it’s kinda outdated, I have a better version, kinda the end of the 1st series, but it has some of the significant improvements that I am saving for the next version… :slight_smile:

download finished.