Symetrize issue and hidden armiture

1 I hid my armiture to work on a model saved it as a blend file now when i reopen it i cant get the hidden armiture to reappear. I saved it hidden is there a way to get it to show apart from H.It does still exist.

2 i used symetrize and it turned my model transparent and delect my leg bones!!. This happen oeften with symetrize or does blender just hate me?

  1. “Show hidden” hotkey is Alt+H.
  2. First I hear of Symmetrize tool behaving this way, especially deleting any bones (it’s a mesh tool after all, it simply can’t delete bones). Check the options after you symmetrize (F6) to see if you’re symmetrizing in the correct direction.

Sorry yea i meant alt-H and it does not appear. Symmatrize does not appear to be reponsible for the translucense no idea why that is happening. Sny why does symmetry aways cut the mesh i have to rejoin the point after?.Is that supposed to happen?