symmetric UV's


I have a question about UV editing.
Is it possible to edit UV’s symmetrically, like editing vertices symmetrically with the x-axis mirror?
I unwrap my UV’s from a symmetric mesh. Where the texture should be symmetric I unwrap only one side of my mesh. But in some areas I want to have the whole surface (left and right side) “painted” different. Is there a way to unwrap the surface symmetrically? Otherwise, do I have to adjust every single of my UV’s in the editor until they are correct (like mirrored along the y axis in the UV editing window)??
When I unwrap from my mesh they first seem to be symmetric, but when I rotate and zoom in there are always little differences.


There’s no mirror modifier for the UV editor yet, though you can ‘flip’ things. Anyway, I think you might benefit from LSCM ‘live update’. If you do a search, you will find a few things, including a tutorial I made, that is somewhere in the tutorials section. I also wrote one that describes various methods, mostly older methods, of unwrapping, that is really old, but still may have some useful knowledge. Also I covered it in the new manual which isn’t quite out yet, but should be soon. basically, after you unwrap something, using seams, and the ‘unwrap’ option, you’ll want to ‘pin’ certain vertices, which anchors them in place. then, after enabling ‘live update’ in the pull up menu, select a pinned node, and move it about. notice, your UVs optimize themselves, as you change the position of the pinned node. good luck, i hope this helps.

thank you very much!
I’ll give it a try.


I hope I understood you question correctly: Your mesh is symmetrical, but the UV-map should be only partially symmetrical. Some mirrored UV-islands on top of each other plus some independent ones?

I had the best success with a workflow that utilizes the mirror modifier to create a set of perfectly symmetrical UV-coords.

First delete one (redundant) half of the mesh. Then unwrap the remaining half using whatever tools get the job done best. Now apply the mirror modifier to your mesh and the UVs of the new half will be perfectly on top of the old one. Don’t touch them yet, or you’ll easily mess things up!

To seperate some islands for independant texturing, select those faces in the 3D-window in UV/face selection mode. Using seams (Alt-RMB) to define regions and the L-command to select linked will come handy. Selecting all in the UV/image editor will now work on only one side of the UV-coords. Grab and move or flip them until you’re finished.


hey, good idea…thank you :wink: