Symmetrical Edge Selection?

Hi, I’m new to using Blender 2.8. I have a symmetrical model in which I’m UVing. When creating seams, is there a way to select edges on my models left arm also get selected on the right arm? I can’t figure out where that setting is. I rather not have to do twice as many selections if I don’t have to.


Is this not possible?

‘Mirror Selection’ (Shift + Ctrl + M) with extend option.

Thanks. Is there a way to always keep it active, instead of making my selection first then applying the mirror selection?

Not that I’m aware of.
To make it more convenient you could put the operator in your quick menu.

  1. RIght click the operator, it’s in the select menu, click add to quick menu
  2. It’ll now be listed when you press q. The settings from last time should be remembered so you don’t have to enable extend each time.