Symmetrical modelling question

I start half, then copy and mirror on the -axis and everything is fine. I then try to join the two halves with Ctrl-j, and remove duplicate vertices. It joins the halves, but then still I end up having to go all along the seam and merging all the vertices from both sides. This is a PITA as you can imagine. What am I doing wrong?

Your 2 halves aren’t close enough. Select the inside loop (the one that will be joined) in edit mode and snap your cursor to it, then flip the duplicate around the cursor.


Thanks. I’ll try to figure out how to do that stuff.

or just increase the max distance value for your remdoub operation

its in [mesh tools] in the buttons window next to the remove doubles button

hope this helps


wow that felt like heaven


Or box select all the vertices in the merging region and scale them to zero on the appropriate axis (assuming they aren’t close enough on only one axis.) If you are in the X-Y view, and the verts are too far apart on left to right, scale to zero on the X axis and then remove doubles.