Symmetrical Modelling - what's the best way?


I just wonder if there is a good method for symmetrical modelling of subdiv meshes in blender.

What I do currently is to duplicate the mesh (linked) and scale it to -1. But this leads to an ugly seam at mirror axis (and you have to hold vertices in the middle of the object to keep it closed).

Wouldn’t it be better to duplicate the vertices of the ‘half object’, mirror them (so there is ONE object) and then use a tool that has a switch to choose the mirror axis and a ‘Limit’ slider and looks for vertices on the mirror-side that are within the selected (Limit) range to perform the mirrored action?

Is there a tool (within blender or as a python script) that already does this?



unfortunately no. you have to live wit the linked copy - which imho works pretty well, except tat it doesn’t remove the seam.