Symmetrical modelling

Hi folks,

I’m modelling a car for my first project. Car’s are symmetrical so I’m doing half the car then plan on mirroring, flipping and joining to keep perfect symmetry.

Maya has a process where you can mirror/flip an object then “template” it into the background. Any changes to vertices on the active side are performed in realtime on the mirrored template allowing you to view the model in its complete symmetrical shape. Tis very nice.

Does Blender have a similar feature? If not, what workflow do you guys follow to do symmetrical models. I find that as I can only see half the model I lose proportion sense quite frequently meaning I have to mirror/flip/join then undo to check results.

If I remember right using alt-d instead of shift-d produces a linked duplicate. That allows you to manipulate the original and have those manipulations reflected in the other half. So it would be like-

Go into object mode
ctrl+m: select axis to mirror over (x,y,z)
Click on original mesh
Edit as much as you need.

Ah, excellent. Just what I needed. I now notice though that the material isn’t applied properly to the duped object. Even though the normals appear to be facing outwards the object is black on the outside, but correctly shaded yellow on the inside.

Try rendering it. Normally the materials will be correct when rendering. I’m not sure why it goes black though. Also, you can join the meshes using(in object mode) ctrl+j: Join selected meshes. Then it should apply the material properly to both objects, and when in edit mode you should see all the vertices of the combined objects. You may have to remove doubles, but I’m not sure.


just switch off Double Sided trigger - then material will be rendered correctly.

This problem is no more. (If you care to download current CVS)