Symmetrical rigging problems

Having problems with a symmetrical rig.

What I’m trying to do is set up a character rig (including faces) and use weight painting to apply bone weights to the verts. The model itself has been mirrored on the X axis, and right half of the armature has been duplicated and scaled on X -1, bone names flipped with X Mirror toggled. I then attempt to paint the verts. However, the vert weights do not seem to be properly mirroring to the other side of the mesh.

To give you a better idea of what’s happening, I paint one side and the verts on the other side seem to be less influenced. I’ve attached comparison pictures of this issue.

I’ve tried exporting the mesh as an OBJ and re-importing it. Nothing changed.

help? =C


I came across this in 2.54, the mirror-x option in weight painting doesn’t appear to be 100% perfect. BTW, while in weight paint mode, you can tab into edit mode, select a vertex, and in the transforms panel you can see the weight and what vertex groups the vertex has. So you can double check whether it is or isn’t working correctly. You might want to look into this a bit more and if it’s not working 100%, report it as a bug, following the guidelines here:

I haven’t done any weight painting in the more recent releases, so I don’t know about now, but yes I think it wasn’t 100% in 2.54.