Symmetrical vertex weight painting?

Hi, People,

I was trying to find an answer to this question and didn’t find it in the manual.
Is there a way to stock vertex weight data? Like Copy then paste.
Let me explain. Let’s say you model a leg. Assign vertex groups. Then paint vertex weights.
Then you mirror your mesh. You obtain a symetrical mesh that has the same vertex weights, but also the same vertex group names. If you change the vertex group name the weight data disappears, which is normal.
But if you could copy the weight data before changing the vertex group, then paste the weight data again, it would help a lot, cause you would have to weight paint only half of the model in most situations.
So I was wondering if there’s any tricks, or scripts to take care of this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Look at Mirror tool.

Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

the way you’d do that [without using external tools] is to:
have one half your mesh, and weight pant and assign groups on that

shift+d [duplicate, not linked] it
mirror [control+m I guess now]
enter edit mode and rename groups for the other side of the mesh [probably change .L to .R or .Left to .Right ideally]

and then join the two halves together as you’d expect.

The mirror tool is a “sickly” fun script feature. In upcoming versions it will be able to copy vertex data too.