Symmetry in sculpt mode with asymmetrical pose ?

Hi guys ,

Is there any posable symmetry in Blender ?..meaning being able to sculpt on asymmetrycal model in pose like in zbruh?
Ireally want to move from zbrush to Blender for sculting so I am discovering the functions
Thanks guys

Well, yes and no.

You can have the symmetry turned on on non symmetrical object, but then it will be a mess as it just copy your actions over the axis on the other side of the object.

You can use mirror modifier to make the object symmetrical or you can symmetry remesh the object which is kind of like mirror.

So if you are asking if the action you do can be automatically copied on the right place on non symmetrical object, then Iam not aware of this precise function. But I sculpt for just a few months.

There is a very nice video explaining symmetric sculpting of “asymmetric” model: