Symmetry legs and shoulders

Hi everyone,

I have created the body of a character and I have given him an armature. I renamed the bones and made a symmetry. The problem comes from the legs and the shoulders. I let you test my model

webToon.blend (1.4 MB)

Thanks for your help,


I’m afraid you REALLY need to learn to organize your project: give objects and bones meaningful names for one thing. Life will be that much easier both for you and for people trying to help.

I suspect right now your issue (at least in some places) is with the Mirror Modifier. It has Vertex Groups option checked which makes it mirror weights to the opposite group. Normally it would be fine, but some objects are not mirrored across Global X as one would expect. Like shoes for example.

PS. I’d suggest to clean up the model before rigging: figure out which modifiers you can apply, apply Scale and Rotations, check your Normals, etc… Half the issues would solve themselves instantly.