Symmetry modelling

Hi there :slight_smile:

Is there a method of symmetrical modelling? I don’t mean the mirror modifier - already used that to make the model, which is symmetrical on the X-axis and has been applied. I need to make some minor changes, which must also be symmetrical in X.

You can enable the X Mirror option

(remember to disable it when you’re finished or you will have some funny surprises when doing other kind of manipulations)

There’s the W -> Symmetrize functionality too (then press F6 to change the symmetrize options like the direction of the symmetrization after having done W -> Symmetrize)

Thanks, Sanctuary :slight_smile:

I figured that must be it, but it didn’t work on the dress I made, but worked fine on a tessellated test cube. After some more research I found that in order for it to work, it must be perfectly symmetrical. During the initial construction I did use some proportional editing and can only guess that this may have messed up the symmetry, although I never noticed anything wrong.

In future I’ll just do any tweaking it needs on one side, delete the other and do another mirror modifier.

Just for interest, Hexagon also won’t do symmetry if the model is not symmetrical, but is not all that fussy about perfection. What it does when you choose to model symmetrically is give you a symmetry plane. If the plane doesn’t show up, you know it won’t work and the model is not symmetrical. Be nice if blender had a similar early warning system.

Anyhow, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Aah - so that makes symmetry where it is lacking! Just had a play with it and that will certainly save time - thanks for the hint :slight_smile: