Symmetry Problem - Mirroring Shape Keys/Symmetrise

I came across another huge problem I cannot figure out how to fix.
I wanted to use shape keys for the facial expressions on my character. I simply add a shape key & begin modeling one side of the face. Then I go to mirror the shape keys by setting the value to 1 & then clicking “New shape key from mix” & then “Mirror shape keys (Typology)”

Then this error came up in the corner of my screen.


I thought it was nothing, till I started using the shape key. Some of the vertices were deforming in some places on the mesh.

I have made sure my mesh is completely symmetrical before adding the shape keys. I tried deleting all of the shape keys, deleting one side of the face, and re-applying the mirror modifier, but still, the same thing happens when I try to mirror the shape keys.

Is there any way I can fix this error?

Shape keys are transitioned between each other. Maybe some vertices get invalid by that stepping over the symmetrical line. Are all vertices stay on their side for each shape?

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Ahh, Yes. Quite frankly, I noticed that the verts at the back of the head overlapped each other when I use the “Symmetrize” option. It also came up with the error that some verts failed when I used the “Snap to symmetry”. It might be the issue.

Is there any way I can fix these verts without breaking the symmetry?

You have to snap this overlapping vertics to the right position. Move them back and snap again.

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Ahhh, thanks so much, you’re a lifesaver :smile: