Symmetry Sculpt . . .

Pls adv how to Sculpt a model, for example, a model of a human figure (half body) at side view. If we would like to turn the model ( only head ) to the side as Low polygon first, then sculpt in High polygon but if we would like to sculpt in Symmetry at face and ear, how to do that ? Because for a model with side view, the position of the divided line is not at center in order for the program to divide exactly left and right. Pls adv how to do this. Thank you for your help.

I have attached 2 images for you to have a look, just for an example.


create the model as if it was looking just forward, not side view.
When ready, use a simple bone system to turn the head.

Sculpt first, then pose.

Thank you for kind suggestion, i will try it :eek: