sync follow path to vertices?

i have a bit a special setup where i want to be in the exact same vertex on 2 curves during an animation (follow path)

but it seems i can not find a solution for this problem, all i get is that the objects travel the whole path in the same time:/

here is a picture of what i want to achieve:

the vertical lines mark where the vertices on the curve are and i want the cubes to be at the “same” vertex in the same time and not at the same distance in the same time.
heres the blend file where i tried to accomplish that but fails miserably:(
any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.

It is not really clear what you are trying to do. Why can’t you just modify the evaluation time F-curves for your 2 paths so that the cubes move where and when you want them to.

well this is just a basic example, the real curves have about 500 points and setting a key to each point so the cube moves on both curves simultaniousely from point to point is not what i intend to do:O

well i dont really know how to better explain it.

the simplest explanation is to move the objects on both paths from point to point at the same time so they reach the points at the same time.