Sync object scale with UV-map scale?

I didn’t know where to post this question, considering it has to do with more than one category, and the solution might very well lie in something less obvious and more technical, so apologies if this is a poorly chosen forum to post in.

My question:

Is there any possible way to have the UV map for an object automatically adjust (in scale) according to when a mesh is scaled in the 3d window for Blender 2.49b?


My reason is complex so I will spare the details. Essentially I would like to use this on simple shapes with seamless, tiled textures. An example would be a plane with a repeating grass-texture: In this case I would like to scale the plane 10x and have the UV map do the same, rather than also scale the UV map 10x manually by opening the UV subwindow.


I realize this might seem like a senseless request to avoid such a small extra task. My goal is very specific to here, so no disrespect to anyone, but I am not looking for an alternative solution. I specifically need to know if there is a way to sync UV scaling with object scaling. Any other ‘solution’ is irrelevant so please don’t waste your time.

In 2.57 you can do this by setting the objects scale value to be a driver to the Texture / Mapping Size value. I think this will be more convoluted in 2.49 but the same principle.
The top cube has a scale of 1, the bottom cube a scale of 2. Blend file for 2.57 attached. You’ll have to figure the 2.49 version yourself
I hope I haven’t wasted my time or yours !


scale.blend (514 KB)

Thanks alot. This is exactly what I’m looking for, but not for 2.57 >< I do appreciate your info you gave though, because at least now I know it should be possible instead of just wondering.

I’ve searched to no end for a way to do this in 2.49… does anyone have the answer?