Sync problem between scenes in Nodes

Here is a weird issue that I found when duplicating a scene for mixing in the compositor.

I copied linked a scene 3 times, then changed the start frame. This should delay the animation successively, making an echo effect.

It works in the VSE, each animation in a scene strip is delayed by the right number of frames (5 frames).

But in the compositor all the frames are rendered without regard to start frame, so no delay.

scene sync error.blend (625 KB)

IMHO you have two problems.

  1. I think it’s not possible to render different frame# with the compositor. Blender will render the current frame in all scenes.

  2. There is a bug in composition with scenes and different cameras. Sometimes the camera from the composition scene will be used, not the active one from the sub-scene. A solution to use the correct camera is to use markers and “view->bind camera to markers” in every scene.

I would say that you’ll need a different solution for your offset betw. the frames. I don’t have a solution for this right now.

Thank you I had not considered the duplicated camera. It’s strange as you can have movie clips in scenes setup with unique offsets tied to current frame just not the scene itself.