Sync progaram?

Dos any one know of a free Sync program that runs on Linux and if it dos but it dos not have to runs windows? I want it so that I can sync a flash drive and my computer files. And I know abut Dropbox.


Try rsync.

Yeah, rsync is a really nice piece of software.

Can some one give me instructions on how to use it?


For instructions in Linux, type

man rsync

If your requirements are simple, you may only need

rsync -avz /home/me/myfiles /media/myusbdrive/mybackedupfiles

That will create a copy of the /home/me/myfiles folder on your USB drive (/media/myusbdrive/mybackedupfiles). It will only transfer parts of files that have changed since the last time you ran it.

It can do a lot, so it might be worth Googling for rsync tutorials and reading the man file. Good luck!