Sync the UV Faces in the 3d viewporwith the UV window

Say for an example that i wanted to re-unwrap some uvs with LSCM, if I select all the faces of the mesh (to get the uvs to show in the UV editor) and then select the uvs i want to reWrap, how do i then sync the face selection in the 3Dview with the selection in the UV?


i don’t think we have a function for that yet, allthough i requested it awhile back, so maybe it will show up in a future version.

thank you

Do you perhaps mean using the Lkey to select linked in UVface mode?

That will select an individual island in the 3d view.

Just click the Lock icon in the UV Editor header.


What you are looking for is the hide/unhide functionality in the UV editor. Press H to hide selected faces (= deselect in 3d view) and shift+H to hide unselected faces (= only keep selected in 3d view).

Sorry for the fuzzy description, and thanks for the answers…

The hide/show faces using H actually did somewhat what i wanted thanks brecht :wink:

the thing i was after was the ability to update the face select in in the 3D view with the selection of UV points in the UV Editor.

The L key selects the linked UV Points in the UV editor, the face selected in the 3D view stays the same.
And the lock icon does not work for me?, however the tooltip indicates that it should be exactly what i want… is it for updating/not updating the texture in texture mode in realtime?

again thanks for the answers…