Synchronization in two 3D_View windows in Sculpt Mode

When I’m in Edit mode, and I have Two 3D_View Windows, when I’m moving verts for example, I have full sync in second Window. And It’s great in Blender 3D

But When I’m in Sculpt Mode, I don’t have such a sync in second 3D_View Window.

When I’m changing something in first Window, changes in second are showing when I finish editing.
Is it possible for the synchronization to take place in two windows simultaneously in Sculpt Mode ?

No. There is no mode option, no user preference to modify that behavior.

Or maybe in API ?

I never saw such behavior. Viewport where stroke is not done is updated after validation of stroke.
It probably would be default behavior if there was no limitation.
I suppose there is one.

Which one ?

Sculpting implies huge polycount.
When you do a sculpt stroke, it means that you are moving a lot of vertices according to view.
Brush radius may be defined by amount of pixels of view. Spacing may be related to view.
Stroke strength may be modified by length of stroke or angle of cursor.
There are many things that are making result of a sculpt stroke not as predictable as a simple translation.
I suppose that assuring preview for more than one point of view has an impact on memory consumption, performance.
But I don’t know if the limitation is still pertinent or will not be outdated after a futur viewport performance improvement.

I am just saying that what you are asking for, has never been allowed.

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