Synchronization problem after reload

Hello Friends.

I have some problem. I’m making a lightsaber fight scene, frame by frame with compositor for glow effect. Everythink was great, I spent few hours today on making first 170 frames, after render everythink looking great, but I needed to make a break. When i came back, and reopen Blender and the file, something went wrong. About half of frames don’t match each other (sabers with video) and I have no idea why. Few frames are OK, then few not, and then again few ok, etc. I checked older saves, and the same problem is in all of them, from first to last. Any idea what did I do wrong? Is this some kind of bug or something?

Do not use video files for any processing in Blender (tracking, VSE, compositing…). Convert them to image sequences with some program (i.e. ffmpeg) and use those instead. This way you won’t run into these issues.

EDIT: that being said, you’ll still need to fix the skipped frames that were introduced while working with a video file, but once you do this, image sequences will not trouble you with these anymore.

That’s what I was afraid of. I had similar problem with tracking few months ago and image sequence did the work great.
Can I put image sequence for the background in 3D view?

EDIT: OK. Founded :slight_smile: