Synchronize Animation with real Roboter

Hello guys,

for a company I must synchronize some body parts of a real roboter with an animation model. So when the head, leg or arm is moving as animation, the roboter should move exactly like it.

First question, which program would you use? Cinema4D, 3dsMax, Rhiniocheros 3D or Blender? My favourite is Blender, because it is Open Source, but I have with none of them experience. First I would spend one month on learning to use the program.

Second question, which idea do you have guys, to realize it? I think first part would be Rigging. Define how the model can move his skeleton. Second part would be sending the information to the roboter to move it. Here I’m afraid of the mathematics. My knowledge background is OpenGL and I can handle scenegraph with rotation, scale or transform matrixes.

Best regards!

Just curious, what’s a roboter? If it’s a spelling or typo mistake, no problem…

I think your first question is irrelevant, you’ve mentioned 4 packages, but only 3 of those can handle animation. Of those 3, I think they can all output the data you need. Money might buy a turn-key solution for them, don’t know.

As to the second question, yes it would have to be rigged, in some fashion. Then define the animation. To get the physical robot to move according to the computer animation is the tough part. I of course, assume you are controlling the robot from the computer. How’s the robot controller going to connect to the computer running the animation? Do you have this already figured out?

Interesting idea,