Synchronized Sound & Actions

I’ve been trying to synchronize the sound in my game, like actions & foot steps etc. I also wanted it not to change when the game was played in a small window. I’ve written a little script to try to solve it. On my computer it seems to work quite well. Please let me know what you think or if you can come up with a better solution.

It’s my Scene Contest entry with my Character from the other contest.
I’ve re-modeled & texetured the character a little. Hope it looks a bit better.

The Controls are:

Arrow keys…Walk
B…Spit Fireballs


Sorry, forgot to mention that it was made in 2.25. Not changed with the time yet! LOL.

Does the python script make it so slow?

Also, I can’t really tell if the sounds match. It seems that the sound happens only when the front feet hit the ground. I’ll test some more…

:slight_smile: Yeah, the sounds do match.

Hi R2Blend. Did you open it in 2.25 as I get about 30 fps.
Thanks for the reply btw.


2.25 + too many particles (which you have in that file) = 30 fps, so 2.25 + little or no particles = high fps.

Therefore, you need to have way less particles for the fire. Check out Doc Holiday’s fire demo. That works much better, and there are no particles. :wink:

I didn’t really need the particles R2Blend. I just liked the sparks flying. Doc’s fire is very good btw.


Yeah, now that I think of it the sparks are kind of cool. Btw, how do you make that jerky anim for the empties that emit particles?

The empties are just controlled by ipos.