Synchronizing active Scenes in different windows


I´ve got a multi monitor setup and work most of the time with several detached windows on several different monitors.
This works fine but I´m running into trouble when switching to another scene.

  • I switch scenes on the window on my main monitor.
  • The Outliner is in a seperate window on mointor 2 and doesn´t notice the switch. I have to manually switch scenes
  • The properties editor in the same window appears to notice the switch.
  • On monitor 3 there is a third window with a second 3D view in Camera Perspective which doens´t notice the switch.
  • On monitor 4 I´ve got the graph editor in a forth window and it doesn´t notice the switch.

The outliner is rather easy to update. I can just click on “scene2” when i want to switch.
But for the other editors I´ve found that closing it and reopening it from the main monitor is the only way to update the scene. This is rather time consuming when you have to switch from scene to scene a bunch of times.

Is there a way to synchronize all the windows to the main window or something like that? Or is there a point in not having these windows snychronized that I am not seeing?

I would like bump this thread because I have the exact same problem. Thanks!

Dont you mean 4 months not a year? is there an example blend file available?

Ha, yes, apologies (and fixed) and no, you dont need an example blend file.
You just need two Blender windows and two separate scenes to re-create.