Synchronizing zoom in viewports, ala' LW??

I’d like to have my 3 orthographic viewports be synchronized in Zoom and Center, while having a perspective viewport that is independant.

Basically, like Lightwave.

How does one set that up?


11 years later, and at 2.82, I’m asking the same question again.

(I did put B down for 10 years, so…)

Anyway, to generalize this query: is it possible to tell Blender to ‘sync’ the center AND zoom on all open 3dViews (since you can have a 3d view open in a completely different window, separate from the main UI, not just a tiled window)? This would be most useful if it did so immediately after any 3dView had its “Frame Selected” key activated. This would allow users to zoom and center each window as useful, and periodically recenter/zoom all of them en masse.

Err, it’s what this thing does:

Just make a hotkey for 3D view as you do for the Outliner.

?? Working on it, but: will it do all the 3dView windows simultaneously?

I ask because users seem to have had heavy going with this behavior in the past.

Yes, it will.