syncing animation with sound

Every time I see a video. It is simply on how to add sound to a video. Most never go into how to syc it with the video itself.

For the animation I am creating. I am creating it around a sound file. I want to be able to play the sound with the animation while I test it and make sure all is as it should be.

Load a sound file in video editor!

but how is it syced with the frames?

by guessing. at least, thats how i do it. (you’ll note my animations are not that great…)

Click on the audio track and hit the ‘N’ key to open the right-side toolbar. Click on the Draw Waveform box. You can use the waveform to help sync things.

Steve S

Blender sound system is basic at best. I would not rely on Blender for a professional sound alignment (it ends up dropping frames and skewing the result). You may end up wasting your time. This is from a Windows and OSX experience. Perhaps on Linux sound support is better.

Just render out your animation then load that sequence or movie into an external application like After Effects, Vegas, Final Cut, Premiere, Audition, SoundTrack Pro, Sonar etc…

Dave Ward did a great job:

oops – it’s part of the BC Baker series, exclusive to members. Sorry

Also – in the timeline – enable “audio scrubbing” and set the playback mode to “AV sync”

You probably should goto the audio strip properties in the VSE and turn on audio cacheing. This loads the sound into memory for best playback. I can’t remember if you have to leave a VSE window open to get sound playback.

You could also bake the f-curve from the sound and animate a reference object in your scene. It wouldn’t have to be complex, perhaps a cube that changes colour or slides up and down a ruler.