Syncing audio with video

I’ve noticed that in blendersinking the audio with video seems kind of hit and miss at times. it’s nowhere near as rocksolid as other programs. I realized that this is not its main function, but if you plan on making a movie in 3-D or in 2-D getting your audio synced up perfectly with video would make even an amateur film look much more professional. I would just like to know how many people think that this particular thing has any real importance, especially the people actually working in 3-D, is pinpoint accuracy important as far as syncing sound to video or in my particular case video to sound.

I have only synced one video to sound, using 2.49b. I loaded in the audio clip into the audio window (which is not in 2.53 beta). Inserted markers at the points I could see on the waveform where certain events should take place. Using those markers, I created the animation so the character responded in relation to the markers. Rendered it out as .png files, brought them into the VSE and the audio file as well. Rendered that all out as an .avi file… No problem… Everything was synced…


Gripyournuts, did you enable the AV-sync option in the Sequence editor?? That should sync your video.

If the video does not get in sync it may be because it has some non editing friendly codec like h264 or ogg.

I’m making a feature length film with blender and other open source tools, and I’m using blender for video editing as well as 3d and motion graphics. I can assure you it works perfectly well. Furthermore, if you want to expand you possibilities you could always compile blender with jack support and use Blender as a video editor synchronized with ardour as a multi-track audio editor. That’s what I’m doing in this film and it feels like any other “pro” tool. The combination of these two programs is simply amazing.

By the way, if you keep having this sync problem, you should report it as a bug along with some sample files that show up the issue.

I did use av synchronization eand everything seems pretty close but it’s definitely not perfect, and when I’ve rendered the video out it was a different length than the original audio track when I brought it back into blender there may be some settings that I’m not adjusting correctly it might be the frame rate on my camera and the frame rate in blender are different. The rendering options seem different on this version of blender than on the 2. 4.8 version. I’ll probably check the frame rate my camera shoot some more video and attempted again.

I reported it and it was dismissed as not a bug by the sound developer. Quite hastily I might add.

It is odd other people are still experiencing this “closed” bug.

I noticed this blog where they were developing audio sync for Blender 2.5 by having it make use of Jack. So it would run using a second program like Audacity to handle the audio. No one ever responded to my questions on there so I don’t know much else. But I’m hoping to actually see this implemented. I want to us it. If audio would sync up right in Blender there would be sooooo much more that could be done in one place. This is especially needed for animators.

[EDIT]: They say how to set it up…vaguely. But I don’t see the options on the System tab in Blender. Maybe the feature is not yet supported. If you figure it out please let me know. I would love this feature so much!

You have to use/compile a build with Jack support (it’s not enabled by default).

That’s a language I don’t understand. Are there any builds for PC/Mac that have already been setup this way? In my opinion, the general public does not know how to program…let alone use the Terminal or DOS Prompt, even Linux. I think it would greatly do some good for the Blender community if someone could manage making it available to the less knowledgeable.

Also, if it’s capable, why has it not been included in the official release yet? Some one needs to let Ton know.

Try this.

It’s in trunk (the official development source code).

I have experienced sync problems also, mainly audio starts before it’s strip starts in the VSE, and that if you skip frames the audio its not synked as when it plays from frame1 un abrupted.

also, I filed a bug report on the whitenoise glitch you get when it initializes a sound strip.

I’m already aware of and am usually using versions from there. Not sure what you’re trying to tell me with that link. Wouldn’t a trunk still need to be compiled as mentioned above?

audaspace branch is working on these problems wait for it to be merged in trunk or use a compiled audaspace branch, after all blender 2.5 is still in beta and you should complain at the the 2.6 stage :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thanks. In the meantime I try to get each camera shot times the best I can, render an image sequence, then do all the audio syncing in Final Cut Pro or Premiere. Even when the audio feature is fully integrated with Blender, I will still being doing it this way. But having the audio sync up will definitely open up a whole new world of opportunity within Blender.

does it even matter when you don’t intend to use it?

I don’t get users complaining of issues and when offered a solution refusing to use it…

I started thisand I started this because I plan on using it for that purpose. I plan on doing music videos where I import the finished audio track is then sync up all the video clips. it has to look absolutely perfect or wind up looking like a bad kung fu film, and I don’t plan on doing a bad kung fu film just yet… but we never know what the future may hold. Until then I complain just to make sure that the developers of the program know that people plan on using it for this purpose… squeaky wheel and all.

namekuseijin, …Me too. Drives me crazy :wink:

I definitely intend to use it. But Final Cut Pro & Premiere work more efficiently for editing video/ syncing audio/final output, so that’s what I’m using. I would love to do all of this in Blender, but it’s not realistic yet. By realistic, I mean reliable/efficient enough to replace Final Cut Pro, etc… When you’ve got deadlines you can’t waste time with inefficiency and trying to invent workarounds when there is already a tool that handles it better. …at the same time, troubleshooting is something I end up doing throughout every project.

It’s like, I’m at the bottom of a steep hill. I have to get to the top to finish. Blender, at the moment, is like a bicycle. Final Cut Pro is a Jeep. Which one will get me to the top more efficiently? The Jeep of course. But that doesn’t mean I won’t use a bicycle anymore. i love riding bikes. Plus they can do things the Jeep can’t do. Just depends on what the project is and what tools are needed for the job.