Syndicate Cyborg

In year 2075, Syndicates rule the the world. Politics, governments are nothing but puppets in teh hands of the great and powerful leaders of those new mafia-technological organisms.
The work of scientists had given the technology to anihilate one’s mind, convert them into obediant servants. Cyborgs. More than having their brains controlled by the Syndicates, they get artificial, bionical implants and limbs.

This is one of them.

My inspiration is of course that old but good Bullfrog game. I plan to design a cyborg, as they are pictured in the game, and try to put a bit of my own in it.
It’s one of my first organic models, and my very first human model.

I show you the premices of the face.
The general shape of the face is here. Nothing is done for the eyes. The lips may lack definition, but there will likely be a mask covering mouth and nose.

More to come, I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : and many thanks to Torq and his face modeling tutorial !


Some minor tweaks, and better point of view.
Face profile shots with wire added to show topology.

Comments and critics are welcome and wanted, of course!

Be well


Here is an update.
I have a problem though.
Front view satisfies me (nearly) with the young-muscular-man look I want to give this character, but side view is to childish/feminine.
What is wrong? What should I change?

In front view, I see, though, that I should give the jaws more strength.
Even if this part of the face is going to be under a mask, I need it to be well shaped so as to model what comes over.


Looks like you put torq’s technique to good use, nice edgeloops.
As you have stated, the jawline, particularly the lower part, needs to be “strengthened”. Meaning that it should be widened, or squared more toward the back of the lower jaw.

Looks good so far! Soter is right though, the jawline needs to be wider and more square. I think the trouble is that the neck is too narrow, and it’s throwing you off a bit. Maybe try widening the neck so it lines up with the outer corners of the eyes (or you could make it a bit wider than that if you want him to look really beefy). Then bring the sides of the jaw out to match it, and he should look much less feminine.

It’s cool that you’re modelling him after the cyborgs in Syndicate, too. That game was awesome, I thought I was the only one that remembered it!

Hey thanks! :slight_smile:
Whatever I had used, I never managed to model a face properly. With Blender AND this tutorial, everything seems much simpler.
I’m glad learning blender, actually :slight_smile:

I remind me this. I’ll find some references tonight, also. Hope I’ll have some time tonight to do it and adjust the model.

Yes indeed, nothing has been done for the neck for the moment. Looking a it now, I think it begins too close to the chin. And the jaw line is not right, here. It should be aligned with the ears and it’s not.
I’ll remember your advice, also, about what to do with the jaw.

This game was really really a good one! That’s cool you liked it. I bring good memories to anyone else than me :wink:

It’s 4:30pm here.
Four hours to go before I’m home. Hope i’ll get some time to blend.

Be well

Here’s an update.
I will after that begin the polymorphic rubber “suit”, only the visible parts, though, for the neck and shoulders. I will also make the mask, which has a function of covering the agent’s features and is a also filter against pollution.

Thank you for your comments and tips, it helped me. Don’t hesitate to comment and critic again! :slight_smile:

EDIT : I have to work the neck, it’s to narrow in front view…


very nice layout bro, i realy like the way you did the eyes and the nose!

i can see how you think the original side view looks to much like a gal. But what do u think of your latest work? i still think it needs some tweaking if u want it real manly.

the changes to the chin are perfect!

cant wait to see some textures! good job bro

Hey, highcommander, thank you for your encouragements.
Yes, it needs some tweakings again. The neck, as I wrote in edit, is to be wider.

And I won’t begin the suit and the mask, actually. I’d like to make the ears and the eyes.

Great job so far. I’ve been following TorQ’s tutorial also. My head hasn’t turned out nearly as well as yours.

I found these references here. I like them because they are simple and colored. It help me understand certain things here. (i lack anatomy knowledge in general, but I’m learning)

I post those neck and shoulders reference pics because I guess it can be useful for someone.

Be well.

I try to make an update soon, but I’m going to be pretty busy until next tuesday.


It’s such a pity I have so little time to work on my project.
Here, I plan to make a whole cyborg agent, and all I have is a non complete head.
But I’d like this piece finished, so I’ll insist :slight_smile:

Small update.
Corrected the jaw line. Rearranged the loops for the beginning of the neck. It’s starting to take form.
I’ve just tried the ears… mmmh. It’s pretty difficult. Somebody has an advice on how to start with a mesh like mine?

EDIT : I’ve just seen some kind of bulge on the forehead. I’ve tweaked the forehead a bit but did not see this. I’ll fix it.


Changes for tonight :

  • reshaped the nose a bit (i don’t know why, it should be occulted by the mask, but well…)
  • did the eyes. It’s really painful to make :wink: But seriously, this is one tedious part.

That’s all I think. Maybe I pushed one or two other verts, but just for minor tweaks, on the forehead for instance.

I’m not going to start the ears. I’d like to see a little more of my agent, so i’ll be begining the body, and I’ll get back to the ears later I think.

be well


Arranged the nose a bit.
I think the forehead is not high enough.


Hi there.
Some minor correction on the face. This does not show here but I reworked the base of the neck on the other side (raised it in fact).
And I’ve made the polymorphic plastic suit, at least the part that will show around the neck at the trench coat collar.

C&C welcomed as usual.


I’m very new to organic modeling(such as I have only done one face) but I have heard that poles are bad. Would it be better to get rid of that pole above and behind where the ear will go. It looks like it would be an easy fix, but if you don’t care about poles or they don’t matter then go ahead its looking amazing.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “poles”.

looks good.
the nose needs a better shape an also the forehead.

the face is to long. look to the distance between the upper lip and the nose. shorten that, that will also bring the angle of the jaw nearer to the hole where the ear will be. for me it often works when i put e.g. a side view picture into photoshop/gimp and then reworking it quick and dirty. then back to 3D.


and about poles and modeling techniques:

Looks very nice, so far. Is the wireframe you’ve shown what you’re acrually working with in edit mode? Amazingly low-poly :wink:

Will this project just be a still, anim, or what?

Thanks for your replies!
Actually, the wireframe I show is the “Optimal wireframe” drawn by the Subdiv modifier, but it’s thoroughly close to the mesh itself.
As for the poles, I had not even thought about this problem. I don’t think I will be modifying my mesh to get rid of that, but I take the comment into consideration for future modeling.

Actually I thought something was disturbing with the face, and it is indeed too long. I’ll try and fix that.

For the final project, I’d like in a first time to get my Cybord Agent done, with clothes and a weapon (shotgun, I think), for a still picture.
Then, I’d like to make an urban scenery à-la Syndicate for a still pic again.
If I’m courageous enough, I’ll make a very short animation out of this.