SynFig Improved InterFace Need C++ Coder.

By contributing to this project you agree you contributions to be released under GPLv3 see here
Need C++ Coder
I need someone to create an interface similar to this for synfig.The latest version is here You will need linux to run it which is free and open source Ubuntu suggested .

How I will pay you.
Create an account on
Take a photo and put your price on that photo.
Once I pay for that photo you will begin the project.

I’m not applying for the job or anything, just suggesting it might be better to pay directly through PayPal than through the3dstudio, as the3dstudio takes 40% of any sales.

You’ll need to clarify what you want.
Do you want someone to build this interface for you in a way that is interactive? If so, then what does it have to do with blender?
And if you can’t do an interface, then how are you doing the backend?

Found someone.

I’m involved in the Synfig community. I know jcome (who did the mockup you reference) is working towards a single window UI. You say you found someone else that are willing to help code this? Fantastic! Please send him/her over to Synfig forums. Of course you yourself is also welcome if you’re not already there. :slight_smile: Thank you.