Synfig Studio

A new version of Synfig is available.

I think it is pretty sweet so far. It seems that I no longer have problems with environment variables, as I was worried, but grew less worrisome, during installation, where I seen an option for environment variables already checked. installation on XP was smooth. installing the GTK, GTKmm, Synfig and the Studio was painless as they uninstalled the older versions leaving you with a fresh version of each.

New Icons look cool, seems faster and more responsive, and looks cooler overall. I read that there was a lot of bug fixes. I am glad, because earlier, Synfig crashed unexpectedly and I could not reproduce the crash…until I was least expecting it, then another crash happened that I could not reproduce…So far, so good.

Just thought I’d say, “Hey, Synfig users, a new version is out”.

Bumped because I like synfig!

Unfortunately, I realised how buggy synfig was when I tried to use it seriously. I still, don’t know any other open source program that lets me animate 2D bezier splines!


What’s synfig? Does it have a web page…?

  1. Synfig is a program for making 2D animation.

2)Yes, it does. Go here.

Not sure how the new versions are, but I felt like I couldn’t accomplish anythin in that interface. They really need some video tutorials to see how people are building content. Can you even draw a character with it?

F4L is another free flash program. google for it. Flash for Linux.

smick: Do you use F4L?

I can only see version 0.2.1 beta, but its from Dec 20 2005.
Is it worth trying out?

Synfig studio 0.61.07 is much more robust than earlier versions. It’s not completely bulletproof but definitely usable now for straightforward animations.
The Wikihas several tutorials and a lot of information about how the program works. There is a small but active community on IRC (including several blenderheads), and an embryonic forum that just got set up last week. Drop in and say hi!