SYNTH: One-button "make art" generative design?

Out soon. Part of the KIT OPS ecosystem. This is just too fun. :slight_smile:


That’s very cool!

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Finally! Autodesk Dreamcatcher comes to Blender - am I right?? AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Actually, this is completely different.

First of all, it’s not connected to any sort of AI or deep learning platform at this time.

Second, this product is intended to allow anyone to create recipes for anything. It’s more focused on concept design and not final design as Dreamcatcher is. Our product is not a CAD system. Dreamcatcher is.

Furthermore Dreamcatcher is highly specialized and can only do a few things. Whereas SYTH is much less specified and can do many things and in fact if you own KIT OPS 2 PRO, you can create any type of recipe for anything you like.

Something interesting

OK, OK, I wasn’t attempting to be an authority on Dreamcatcher :slight_smile: - your software looks Very Cool! :slight_smile: Where’d you learn how to make it?

I’m not working the code but it is my invention-- which is the same with all my products with the exception of CHALK STYLE PRO, which I did write.

Mark Kingsnorth is the developer who is doing an amazing job of coding SYNTH. My background is in both design and software. I’ve been thinking about products like SYNTH for over 25 years.

What are some good books or Youtube videos on this subject??

Sorry, there’s not much on Generative iterative Design that I know of.

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