Critique anything you want.


Overall, looks really good. Has “the feel” of mystery, along the color scheme. You might want to improve the back lights of the car - they look more like front lights and are more like “lines” than “cones”.

It is a bit flat. It needs more glow and bright things.
Perhaps it is sufficient to increase the contrast in post.

vaporwave strikes again! i love how retro futuristic you designed what i believe is the chicago skyline; the addition of a dome works wonders. your emission nodes are just the right strength as well, bright but not obnoxious. this is an excellent piece and i cant wait to see more of your work!


Love the colours and feel of it - bit Tron-like.
I would say i’m a little disturbed by the composition. Everything seems to draw me too far to the left. Just a pinch moving the bright pink lights to a more left-third would work better I think…