syntheyes to blender


i need some help to import a camera track from syntheyes to blender.
what kind of format should i export for blender, and how can i import it?


Syntheyes exports a python script that you can run in 2.49 (open blender, open and run the script, boom – it’s all there). (You just choose File–>Export–>Python(Blender) in Syntheyes’ menu). If you’re in 2.5, I suggest you export to 2.49 then migrate the subsequent .blend file to 2.5.

Syntheyes automatically exports all the trackers and any meshes you created as well, so it’s good to create some geometry in syntheyes for future reference in Blender. It’s also good to create zero-weighted trackers (ZWTs) in syntheyes to help you place 3D geometry later on (a ZWT doesn’t affect the tracking solution, but can very (very!) quickly be located in 3D space (approximate placement) and used later on. I use ZWTs all the time, very useful things. It’s all in the manual.

thanks mate!
you helped a lot

If you’re like me and you track a lot of handheld footage, it seems more often than not that if you have taken the time to fix up a ZWT, you might as well just make it a regular tracker. Can’t have too many trackers.

I like to use ZWTs for areas that usually aren’t good for solving – tree leaves that are blowing slightly in the wind, e.g. – but after you have a good solve you can place dozens and dozens of trackers on the leaves. A few of them are going to be way off, but you’ll find something like a point-cloud forming and you’ll get a good idea of where that tree is located, where to build accurate mattes, etc.

Though I agree with LazyCoder that if you have a GOOD track you may as well add it to the overall tracking solution.