Synthia ??

Oh man, I hope that this does not get out of control the same way that GM crops have. If it does, all you “folders at home” will have a new challenge. :eek:

You know the media love to blow everything out of proportion, honestly I wouldn’t listen to their drivel.

On-topic, this is actually a really good thing, IF they can put it to use though. I’m pretty sure they could cure a lot of diseases with this technology and also, from what I’ve read else where it’s not exactly ‘playing god’ as some people have been shouting and raving about as yeast was used to produce it.

Still though, an amazing achievement.

Playing God? First Id like these nutjobs to prove that God created the first cell then we can decide if he is playing God or not.

“and watched it multiply – the very definition of being alive.” that’s not the definition of life. mutiplying is not being alive. life is being able to respond to your surroundings, and being able to take nourishment from those surroundings and turning it into energy to move and live. so that whole thing is a moot point.

Haha yea, some how I cannot see that ever happening :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think in essence they have created ‘life’ or a form of life as it’s a non-natural DNA strand which can survive and multiply, And if this means that they can construct artificial life forms that can fight diseases like AIDS and Cancer then they have every right to ‘play god’ as some people put it, after all every person deserves a life and a healthy one at that so it shouldn’t be denied because of religious beliefs.

You are right and Craig Venter himself says he has not created life ( at least according to the article on new scientist he called it a synthetic cell. But saying he created a synthetic cell probabley won’t sell as many newspaper than wildly declaring that he has created life.

this is true, and unfortunately that’s what a lot of science is about these days. we need to critically examine all the supposed “scientific findings” that we come across.

Oh man, I hope that this does not get out of control the same way that GM crops have

Mmm, yes, I can’t move for GM crops, there’s no stopping them… aarrrgh…

I would say that they have semi-created life - it’s definately alive, but only the DNA is actually synthetic. The BBC has the tagline

Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first living cell to be controlled entirely by synthetic DNA.

Which is less dramatic than creating artficial life, but only slightly. It’s still stunning.

So maybe by 2030 we can have pet Dragons that look just like the ones in mythology and the movies (meaning they fly and everything)?

That would be neat, but then I wonder what could possibly be unleashed once they give you the ability to alter your body in a way that you look more like an anthromorphic lizard, bird, or dog?

I wouldn’t consider it completely from scratch though as they used the planet’s tried and true genetic programming language to create it (DNA)

Ooh, I’ll finally get to see a Michael Crichton novel play out in real life. Bring on the man eating nano swarms please. :rolleyes: