Synthwave DeLorean

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I feel the contrast is too high. When working colors, light and shadow in compositions you need be careful to not let the three share equal weight.

Do you know when people say “less is more” and how you can emphasize one element through the negative space around it? You can do the same thing with colors, light (or bright values) and shadows (or darker values). When you have these three fighting for attention none wins. The viewer is left without knowing where look at first and the strong contrast steals away the focus, leading the viewer to take in less of the image. More contrast doesn’t mean more drama and mood, excessive contrast is distracting and also decreases the dramatic impact.

It’s not a rule or anything, but a good habit is to pick two of these three elements to shape the image and use the third sparingly, as accent. Quick example:

The light and shadow shaped the image, the strong color (red) is the accent.

That’s it. Keep up with the good work! The concept behind this image is solid, you only need to allow it to shine to improve it.

What did you do to make that picture look like that? Did you do it in blender or elsewhere?