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ok, I’ve got a question. How the heck do you get animation nodes to load up in blender 2.80?? for the life of me, i cant get it. any help would be appreciated.

Here ya go:

For Linux: Animation Nodes 2.1 for Blender 2.80 Build for Linux
And for Windows: Animation Nodes 2.1 for Blender 2.8 Build for Windows x64

I appreciate your answer…but I"ve tried using Animation Nodes 2.1 for blender 2.8 and keep getting this error code. Not being much of an-under-the-hood type of guy…what does this mean, and how can I delete the message to start new and fresh???

Thank you…and again…I appreciate any and all help…

Disable and remove add-on (animation nodes) from Blender preferences.
One the last line of this error you have path to your add-on folder. Go there and delete everything connected to animation nodes.
Then try to install build from links I’ve posted.

Hey is this for sale and possibly more customizable?


Yes it is on sale, you can buy it here: (in physical form)

Or here in electronical form:

Yes it is possible to customize it.

Okay yeah I’d be looking to mesh my logo into it and change the colors a bit towards my logo colors. Do you have a contact email?


[email protected]