syreal sculpture

my work for a project for metal and 3d design.

the hole image deals with engagement hurt feelings
beeing mind dead and immobile, instability, loosing control.

the ring you see is actualy one of the rings i made as a
project about engagement rings. it is one out of 5.



:o Im gonna have nightmares for weeks now…

sorry for that :wink:

it is not happy art


looks like someone is playing with dolls. take some of the toy out of it.

so what do you mean?

Well done but pretty disturbing :o

yes i know but i am not in a mood to make happy work.
and this image is not done yet. the hole texturing is missing.
also the model is not finished yet. the composition seems not
to work yet very good. but i do not know what to shange right now.


only so few posts? something wrong here?

nothing wrong. it’s very good. i had a nice long look at it last night, but i was tired and didn’t leave a reply. :stuck_out_tongue:


i know it is not a nice picture to look at.
i just hoped to get some more input from people.


Wow, that’s really creepy. That would make a crazy torture device.

But what’s up with the mouth? It looks really odd… Do you have something in it? Materials would probably help.

It’s really neat. But, yes, some materials would make it a little easier to follow.

the mouth yay in stead of teeht i put a distorted bay gum and a mouth filling toung into the mouth. somehow a symbol for screaming like a baby but a silent way.

textures will maybe come since time is running out and the hole head texture will eat up some time.

so maybe only some basic stuff


wow, really nice design and concept (well, not nice but you know what I mean)

maybe make the expression a little more “extreme” and tilt the head a bit. Open the mouth a bit more, squint the eyes a bit. I think for screaming like that, the top corners of the mouth would be raised higher and the cheekbones (I think thats what they’re called, the area next to the nose and under the eyes) may bulge a bit more. I think the eyes would be shut or almost shut and the head tilted back slightly. It might sell the whole in pain/anguish look a little more if that’s what you’re going for. especially the front shot seems not to show as much emotion as I think it could.

interesting design.

oh yay the emotions arent even done yet! i have ahrd timne to get them done the way but i had not time to take visual reference pictures.
i have to do that soon to get the ptoportions right!
thanks for the comments