System is out of GPU and shared host memory, what will help?

Hi all,
I´am trying to render one complex interior scene(lot´s of mesh and 4K textures) on GPU, but I always get a crash saying “System is out of GPU and shared host memory”

Only help is by using simplify and texture limit to 2K, but then it will get rid off all the details.

My pc specs are : Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070S 8GB, AMD ryzen 7 1700, and 16GB RAM.

Will it help if I upgrade my RAM to 32 of 64gb? or i need to upgrade to better GPU that have more memory? Unfortunetly I´am not a tech guy so i dont know a correct answer to this .
Thanks for help

Hi Tomas,

Have you already tried turning on Adaptive Sampling in Render Properties? This usually helps.


For GPU the limit is the limit. But for CPU, if you are using Windows you can increase the “virtual memory”. I’ve had to do this myself. Check Google on how to do this for your OS. (Here is info for Win 10). Then switch to CPU only render. This will naturally slow things down but at least it will render. Use Windows “Task Manager” (or equivalent for your OS) to monitor memory usage. Here’s a sample screenshot of my memory usage. Without my virtual memory increase I would not be able to render my scene.

Upgrading your CPU RAM would naturally help and would allow more complex scenes. My general advice is install as much RAM as you can afford. Doesn’t help though on the GPU front.

For GPU increase in memory you need to add a new card and use NVLink tech to pool the GPU VRAM together which is possible but more complicated and you’d need to ensure both cards support this (plus you need a bridge and use Blender 2.9 or higher). Additional homework is needed for this. More info here:
Other option is a new GPU with more VRAM. New cards are hard to come by these days though.

Cheers and stay safe!


Hi Paul,
Thanks , you´ve helped me a lot. That increasing of virtual memory works perfectly. I´ve just ordered 64gb ram so I´am curious of what scenes it will be capable of, but i think it will be good enough for my projects.

Stay safe too!

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Hi Tomas,

Glad it helped!

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Hi, I had the same error. Just changing the render to render in new window solved the problem. Maybe it helps.