System Library

Hi everyone.

This script saves any kind of data that you create on Blender into a library. You can make use of this data at anytime into any new blender file that you create. This is useful for reusable work, for example if you create any model, object, animation, armature, etc. You can save it and it will be avalaible on all your projects.

The avalaible libraries are:

Actions, Amatures, Fonts, Groups, Images, Materials, Meshes, Node Groups, Particle Systems, Sounds and Texts.

Fonts, Image and sounds libraries are file libraries.

They read directories looking for fonts, images or sounds, so they arent stored into any library. All we have to do is provide a valid path and all files will be avalaible on our projects.

You can download the script for a small fee at my web page.

Hope you like it.

Best Regards.

This looks great, bought a copy yesterday! Thanks Mackraken.

Thank you very much.

I have updated the documentation.

Probably a demo video coming soon.

I was awaiting this for a long time!

some questions:
Did it save shapekeys along with meshes?

Did it save properties along with object/mesh?

Did it save textures with meshes?

Did it save drivers on values?

Mesh and group library saves as Object level.

If you save a mesh object , it saves everything applied to it.
Modifiers, constraints , materials, textures, Shape Keys, Uvs, etc.
What it doesnt save are children parent objects.

You can use the group library to store multiple objects at once.

Super cool! I should make a visa card to buy this script - its a No1 must have feature for me! Happy easter!

What about rigs? Object level?

Yes rigs are object level too.

It saves the rig as it is, names, iks, constraints, etc.
Same as mesh, it doesnt save external objects like bones customs shapes, but you can use a groups to save them all togheter.

Ill release a video soon.

I hope you still have the 2.62 version - I will buy it today or tomorrow, but I dont need 2.63 version for now - in 2.62 all the addons that are interested me are still running, so I will continue to use it for a long time for serious work…

Hi Spirit.

Thats not a problem, the script works fine with 2.62. Its 2.63 that i havent tested yet. because im adding new features to the script.

Some of them are:

-Preview for meshes and groups.
You can make snapshots of the 3dview to create thumbnails for meshes.

-Apply items as instances.
You can choose whether or not import items as instances or duplicates. Now, the default behaviour is import as a duplicate.

The script should work without any problem on 2.63. The general advise for 2.63 is, if u save a model with 2.63 dont open and save the model with 2.62, this produces data loss.

ok, thanks for the info, I just made a transaction (actually one of my friends did it from his paypal, hope you recieved it, if not, please let me know, seems like the system is not automatic)

soon Blender will just as Powerful and Expensive as Modo or Maya!

Keep up the good works!

Hi, Mckraken,
Im very happy to see that you work to improve it, the new functions will be super useful, and I love the idea for preview thumbnails, didnt use it with 2.63 yet, but I will try it these days for sure - Im also aiming to 2.63…good luck!

Thank you spirit.

I had a problem testing the new features thats why i didnt released them yet.
I hope to be able to do that soon.
The script works well with 2.63, only keep in mind that u cannot load 2.63 meshes on previous blender versions due to bmesh.

Ok, cool, thanks for the info, and yes, I am aware of incompabiliti of Bmesh with old versions!Keep it up!