System Requirements for Real Time Cartoon Shader Setup with Cartoon Outlines?

When looking at official system requirements: []
Would any 64-bit 8 core CPU be considered optimal? Or do I have to make sure it’s a good 8-core CPU?
Is any 12GB VRAM GPU optimal? Or do I have to make sure it’s a good 12GB GPU?

For example, an AMD FX-8300 Eight Core CPU only has a benchmarks score of 5,257
But an Intel Core i9-9900 eight core CPU has a much higher score of 17,156
The intel’s CPU has a much higher single thread score, too.

Also, how many vertices/verts can a pc with “optimal” specs handle for posing a rig and playing back animation in viewport? (Preferably with modifiers like subsurf, mirror, solidify, for a real time cartoon shader with outlines that can playback animation at 24fps)?
How about a pc with “recommended” specs?

I found a post that says how many GB of VRAM is needed for how many tris. But I’m not sure what the other specs should be (eg the G3D score on or a similar site.)
I also don’t know what cpu is needed. (Should I just find a cpu that doesn’t bottleneck the gpu using a bottleneck calculator?)

I kind of wish the blender system requirements were more specific because there’s different ways to use blender. I don’t sculpt or use water physics. I don’t even know how to use textures (I might learn that in the future).

Is this computer going to be used to design, or to deploy?

Could you explain what you mean by design or deploy?

Eventually, I want to make full 24 minute cartoon episodes like a tv show and sell it somewhere like Vimeo or my own website.

I’ll use 3D modes that look 2d. Not to be confused with hand drawn grease pencil, or Pixar style animation.

EDIT: I’d be doing this solo at home as of now, at least for the visual animation part, so I wouldn’t be designing triple aaa rigs with custom bone shapes meant for a team of professionals to use. I’d want to use a new pc for the next 5 to 10 years (or more if possible). I’m not looking for 4K textures with super duper ray tracing. Tho I might explore textures some day.

I’m hoping I can buy a new pc that can do this as conveniently as possible (with my own skills that I’ve developed over the years).
E.g. I don’t wanna spends lots and lots of work making low poly proxy mesh and only use basic solid view while animating if there are pc’s out there that can use the full poly mesh when animating and with real time cartoon shader.

And also while recording screen with audio.
Maybe I’ll do live-streaming down the road.
So I’ll need extra system specs there.

What I meant was – will this computer be used to display the work-products to the public, or will it be used to design those work products?

The two things to pay the most attention to are the video card (and video RAM), and the amount of system RAM. Chips can only work against what is in “real, physical memory.” So-called “virtual memory” is no substitute for this.

“More cores” can also be misleading because there can be bottlenecks getting the data onto and off of the CPU chip. Many such chips really can’t drive all of their cores at full capacity and quickly go into heat-limiting slowdowns when they try.

Think carefully about how the computer is going to go about creating and displaying this product – is the “ruling constraint” going to be the speed of the CPU, or is the GPU going to be doing all the work and if so what kind of work. (Cycles and EEVEE use the GPU hardware in completely different ways – in Cycles it is essentially used as a parallel array math-coprocessor.)

Thanks for your reply.
I’m guessing it’d be displaying the work-products to the public.

Would you be able to test my blend files from this post on your computer please?

According to my research, single-thread CPU performance is important because of animation playback and modifiers. But GPU is also important for displaying higher verts on my screen.

I was thinking of using BEER/MALT toon renderer in Blender 2.8+, but it’s not working.
And Blender 2.79 seems to give much better fps than 2.8+ overall.
I might try LANPR later when I get the chance.

But still, I don’t know if a Ryzen 3600 and a GTX 1080 will give me the animation playback fps I’m looking for,
or if I should wait and save up for a Ryzen 5950X and a RTX 3080.
So if you can, please let me know.