System requirment to model and render rooms

I’m using
Intel Core2Duo @2.93GHz
Graphics: Intel G41Express Cipset
Ubuntu 12.04 32bit

A modern interior design or room has many mesh objects and modifiers. Am I able to create one without lag in that system?

Create, with layers; probably. Rendering might be fun though. Seriously look at keeping the poly count down. Also turn of modifiers in view mode, just have them used when rendering.

Your biggest problem I suspect, will be memory. Not sure what linux is like in such situations, but you’ll find you’ll get lag due to swapping memory to and from disk.

Recently I looked at getting more memory for a backup comp (it’s a core2 duo with 4gig); seriously slow when scenes got large. Actually, trying to open an exr, the computer spent 20 minutes thinking about it, then blender crashed.

It would have cost almost as much to add 2gigs of ddr2 as it did to add 12gig of ddr3 to the i7 I have.

I’ll likely turn the system I have into a backup, although I may sell the parts on ebay and buy something like 3XS Smart - Intel Core i5 3570K - Overclocked to 4.5Ghz - Updated Dec 2012 scroll down for the one I name in the link.

If you can afford to upgrade, I would.

As Writers Block said in his reply - the RAM is likely going to be your biggest problem here. If you are stuck with this system and using Ubuntu be sure to turn of any 3D accelerated desktop effects to help save both RAM and video processing power. Also keep multitasking to a minimum.

Hmm right now I can’t afford a new processor, but I can have 4gb RAM more! So it will be 6gb.
And if I turn off 3D acceleration on Ubuntu-unity, it will look so bad, for a change, to keep the resource using at minimum, I can use xfce desktop - if that will also do the trick! But as far I know an xfce ubuntu desktop uses far less resources than a windows7 desktop, even an xp.
And I really dont do anything (actually can’t do anything) when i raise the subdivision surface above 6 and render for multiple object :smiley:
So guys, 6gb + dual core will do the job?

I would advise also installing a 64 bit OS

Yes, that would certainly work. 6gb RAM should be enough should both work smoothly and render the scene.

If u have 6gig, then you’ll need 64bit os to use it all, otherwise with a 32bit they utilise somewhere around 3.5-3.8; I’d be tempted to stick to 32 if u only end up with 4gig total.