System spec

Hello Everyone
I am working in an animation studio in India. We are planning to migrate to blender in the coming months. Can someone please suggest me a system spec that would be apt for production purpose using blender. I checked a lot of the other posts on similar topic but not able to decide the exact spec for production.

Pls provide me a spec based on

  1. Budget not a constraint
  2. A budget of $2500

My major concern is reduction of rendering time using Blender Cycles (same as every other CG Artist :()

You might consider the following:

Then also read through this:

  1. For an unlimited budget, if you’re looking for a single workstation, get a quad-Xeon multi-GPU board, and as much RAM as you can. If you want good speeds, the GTX Titan is the best as far as GPU’s go. If you need a bigger scene, the newest Quadro has a whopping 12GB of VRAM. Otherwise, build a render farm. It seems like asking for a system spec with no budget limit is kind of pointless; you do have a limit…
  2. For a $2500, is a good utility. If you use BI or do lots of physics, focus on CPU. If you do a lot of Cycles, a big GPU is still useful, but don’t skimp out on CPU’s; not all of Cycles is supported on CUDA. The GPU currently must be nVidia. Lots of RAM is always a good thing.

Thank you for the replies.
Hey Futurehack: I checked out those sites and got a fair bit of idea

Hey Darkcrescent: In terms of budget there is a limit, wanted to know which would be the best spec possible if there is no constraint.
We are planning for a renderfarm. Thank u…

I would like to know if it is advisable to go for amd opteron 6328 processor or an intel i7 3930k processor