System to support scenes bigger than GPU memory , when ?

When will “system to support scenes bigger than GPU memory” be added ? because a few times I have ran into the “CUDA Error: Out of memory” error which is frustrating when the CPU is much slower.
It is quoted in wiki that it will and I quote

We do intend to add a system to support scenes bigger than GPU memory, but this will not be added soon.

Also sense I upgraded to the newest 2.65 my GPU memory limit(1gb) also seems to be my CPU limit(motherboard has 4gb), unsure why but when I render now with CPU I just get the background renderd and not the objects.
I found it is the same limit as my GPU and I think it is due to new “Open Shading Language” option when choosing CPU instead of my GPU, I have the ram/memory free but it just refuses to render it so ill try a older build soon.

Picture of my incomplete scene attached below which is hitting my GPU limit(1gb) , the image shows only half the objects in the scene and is hitting about 700mb plus what the system uses hits the full 1gb on my GPU.

HD Image is now replaced older image.

It won’t happen any time soon. It’s an experimental tech even in academia, and the speed hit you take from syncing vRAM to system RAM currently destroys and speed benefit you receive from rendering on the GPU.

Are you using instances on those stones? Or are you just making a bunch of materials that are nearly the same?

Nah each stone/rock is a completely different mesh/model expect for its material at the moment(they all share the same material for now but will soon change).
In total there is 9 different rocks after which then they start to repeat.

Surly the lost in speed would still be faster then the CPU, and if so then it should be a option box which you tick.
I can see cycles can be better then BI now but at this rate there is many problems making me not want to use it in the end.

I just found these links which is a GPU render engine which can exceed the GPU memory limited, I’m not to tech smart but surly it is possible as its been done.