System upgrade! Yay!

Kind of like my “Trojan! Yay!” but with a different tone.

After a few months of a slow ass computer, constant reboots due to POS power supply, and various other things, I decided it was about time to upgrade. Wanted a new processor, but needed a new motherboard for it. With that came new ram, and also a new power supply.

I walked in to Ye Olde Computer Shoppe, thinking that I didn’t care how much it cost. I walked out thinking “New motherboard, Athlon64 3200+, new power supply, gig of ram, $650 (Canadian)”. Walked back in half an hour later thinking the same thing. But walked out with an $800 defecit in my wallet.

After “haggling”, and getting a 5% discount, I decided to take the power supply and processor a step further.

After leaving Ye Olde Computer Shoppe, I held an AMD Athlon64 3500+, an MSI K8N Neo2 mobo (only one [and the last one] the guy had that would support the chip and my AGP Geforce card), a gig of ram, and an OCZ Modstream 520W power supply (fancy shiny beast, had to remove a fan just so it would fit).

So, needless to say, I’m quite happy with my purchase. Ugly Doris was so damn loud before that you could barely hear the beep when she powers up, but now she’s so quiet it startles me.

Next stop, Ugly Doris gets a facelift. Gotta gets me a new tower…

I just upgraded my system last friday with a $30 saving on the power supply, it runs like a silent beast. :stuck_out_tongue:


  • P4 3GHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Radeon 9600 graphics card
  • 350W power supply


  • Athlon 64 3200 processor
  • 1GB RAM (generic)
  • Gigabyte 6600 GT graphics card
  • 600W power supply

All for AU$995

It’s funny how the high end Pentium processors can barely match the AMD processors, yet they’re about twice the price. One has to wonder why you would by a Pentium in this day and age. :-?

Performance is my guess. Perhaps for high end systom with multi cpu.

I’m going to wait for the IBM cell cpu, when the hell is it comming out ?

Hey congratulation to for your new System. I’ve just ordered my new Computer on Friday:

G5 PowerMac Dual Core 2Ghz
Geforce 6600 256 MB

I can’t wait for this box to get shipped :slight_smile:
I was realy thinking a long time if i should go for one or not (because it was freaking expensive). But i think it was quite a good decision. Right now i’m working on PowerBook G4, 1.4Ghz, 1.5GB RAM and for some Blender work or also big Photoshop Files it can be quite slow. And since i will take a look at Video Cutting soon i think it’s not bad to get something faster :slight_smile:

And i’ve still got my pc at home but it’s about 4 years old:
P4 - 2.4 Ghz
1 GB RAm
Geforce Ti4600
But at the moment i’m not using it to often. Probably i will use it as Renderslave for big stuff or something like that.

I upgraded my machine a while a go, well I do it over time, differents parts over time

Right now, I’m running a

2.8 Ghtz Celeron Procesor
512 ram
28 giga hard drive (a new hard drive is the next thing I’m getting!)
ATI Radeon 9200 se 128 mb (This $70 card still surprises me, Half Life 2 runs with out a problem with good graphics (around the average graphics, not mega high or ultra low)

The motherboard with processor and ram cost me around 200 bucks on my last birthday
The Radeon about $70 and some other stuff over the years

I don’t really need the lastest generation computer, because prices drop a good amount after the next gen comes out. And personnaly I dont see the point of throwing 2000 bucks into an alienware to play the same games I can play…oh and Blender runs perfectly :smiley:

I upgrade little parts of my macvhine of the years.

At the moment it has:

1.7Ghz Anthlon 2100+ xp 256kb cache
512MB RAM 400Mhz
Geforce 6 6600 256MB
60GB harddrive

I’m planing to upgrade my processor and RAM but to upgrade the processor to something more powerful and owrth the money. I’ll need to upgrade my motherboard to support 64-bit.

Either that or I buy a completely new pc and retire this pc to the rendering. %|

well i just started buying stuff for my new computer. its a ‘budget’ gaming rig.
i have everything except for the vid card. im nabbing the drives out of my old comp.

-amd 3200+ going to oc ~2.6-2.8
-ram ocz platinum rev 2 tccd (that stuff set me way back)
psu enermax sli 535watt
board a8n-sli
card 7800gt (still need)

Nice system, possibly a little OTT on the PSU though. Running a 430W Antec truPower here, and it handles two cores, 6800GT, 3 HDD, 2 Optical + 1 PCI card with no trouble at full load!

Should improve your computing experience no end though.



psu is overkill bc the one in my sys blew up and the local comp store only had noname ones or these. i couldnt wait to have one shipped in