Szeth, Truthless of Shinovar

A morally troubled assassin from the Stormlight Archive trilogy,
Modeled+Rendered in Blender Cycles.

Original concept art:



Conveys a great sense of motion. Well done.

The concept art centre of gravoty is not the same as your version. Sorry for butchering your work but I drew his foot different.

Thanks for the reply! I’m actually pleasantly surprised anyone got the reference :smiley:
I’ve never seen the drawing with the foot up; searched awhile online and didn’t see anything different. Is it just the foot? I wasn’t aiming to be too exact, but now I’m curious.

Just the foot. Imagine that the drawing is just a moment later in his walk. The knees are very close in the drawing and your render they are further apart. Either way it’s a really good scene. Better than the concept art and that is rarely I see. Usually the concept art has more feeling than the 3D version but this time your version is much better. I just felt the foot was wrong.

Thanks again! And I see what you mean, his large stride kind of bugged me for awhile as well.

I Fixed the Foot (kind of) - I couldn’t raise it too much without it looking weird from camera view; but if nothing else, I at least improved the aesthetics a bit:

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Perfect. Like I said. I butchered it :grin: