[T-10] Audi - More Than Just A Car - Commercial, Blender 2.59


I am new to 3D world. What brought me to this art spot? University. I had to make an animation for one module.

Terms and conditions were very wide: you can do what ever you like, up to 1minute, with models, skeletons and animations.

I imagined to create Audi commercial. It is pretty simple, dog pisses on one’s car wheel, when he tries to do the same on Audi, car alarm turns on before piss started, dog jumps away from the car.

I made an mistake that i didn’t wrote here while project was in progress, so i missed your suggestions and critics, but for now, i hope to get it now.

Every single object in the scene was made by me. I spent tone of hours on modelling cars :slight_smile:

Even i finished my project, i think that i won’t quit 3D world, because i fell in love with it :slight_smile:

Nice modelling! I really want to take Graphic arts in college. Thanks for putting it up here.

Indeed, nice modelling, but the animation needs a little work.
Why are you still using 2.59, btw?

I used 2.59 just because I started with it. Are there many differences between 2.59 and 2.61 except cycles?

About animation - yes, you are definitely right. It was horrible experience to do skeleton, with all those IK and so on…I watched human rigging tutorials, but its not the same as the dog

Don’t know if I am too stupid to understand principles of animating objects in Blender or what. First of all, i created dog walk cycle: with main root at center coordinates i changed foots, body weight movement. After this, i had walk cycle for about 1second. I appended it to scene. What next? Set keyframes for dog position, moved cursor in the timeline and dragged dog with skeleton to some distance. After that, with NLA added repetitions for this animation to represent as dog making steps. And thats all, i were stuck at this place. Making new actions caused terrible mesh deformations. So i just dragged dog to other place and made as little animation as possible.

This is what i was getting…

Even I already had mark for this job, i would like to hear what i was doing wrong My lecturers was not very interested in helping

Blender 2.61 has everything that 2.59 has and more.
Im sad because i dont really know about animation and i can’t really help you :confused: