T-55 Tank

This is my first post on the forum so I want to say hello.
I’m doing T-55 tank. Tracks are rigged and simulated by “cloth simulation”. What do You think about it?


fantastic, it is high poly count by now?

Model has 960k vertices and 896k faces.

looking very realistic so far, great details :slight_smile:

The weld on the third image is a nice detail. Good work.

Very nice & detailed! I like that :slight_smile:

I too am interested in current poly-count!

Yes, those welds are awesome! It’s not often I see welded joints included in a model, so I’m extra impressed by your modeling! An outstanding introduction on the forums, welcome!

Have you seen Heinzelnisse’s tank? He also used the cloth sim for the tracks.

It is very detailed and inspirational :slight_smile: Well, when i worked on my waffenträger i found very difficult to work on the model when i had tracks there. Every movement lasted for 3 seconds, that is why i made them as the last part of model. Do you think it can be because I have just 4Gb of Ram or is it caused with something else?

Thanks for Your opinions.
@James Candy- Heinzelnisse’s tank has inspired me to do this model.
@cergina- Maybe You had too much of poly?

Small test of material. Rust has been generated using vertex paint.

Great work! keep going!

That’s very impressive, given the detail (with the welds and such).
Following this project with much anticipation :slight_smile:
And I love the texture-test! Maybe a bit overly grungy but I should wait until I see it on the final render before I judge.

I like your rusted paint texture. The texture shows a white primer under the paint. Is this the correct primer color?

Thanks guys!
@riveter: I don’t know what is the original color of the primer in Russian tanks, but it probably looks like this one.


interested in more information on your welded joint look… (wishing for a tutorial here)
plus more information on the “cloth simulation track” technique…

I have done an example of my rig http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/74118. Here http://przeklej.org/file/TvQqcx/poradnik.rar you have tutorial which I made (it’s Polish but there are a lot of photos and you can translate the text)
If you want welded joint like this you should:

  • model the weld “path”

    (you can help by using snap to face),
  • select active quad,
  • U -> Follow Active Quad -> Even
  • edit UV to obtain a rectangle (only active quad)
  • one more time U -> Follow Active Quad -> Even,
  • add subsurf x5,
  • add displace modifier with texture of the weld (you need displace texture),
  • change texture coordinate to UV,
  • change strength to recieve the best effect.

Thanks for the information on that… McGavish I really like the way the welds look… and will study on the cloth sim tracks as time allows…

Pretty impressive. I’ll pick my next project so that I can try out your method of making welds. :slight_smile: Very well made & Thanks!

Could you share how you made the displacement texture for the weld? It is the most accurate one I’ve seen to date.

Just wanted to say thanks on sharing this welded bead technique… man it works and looks Great!

here’s my first try at it …

I did a quick google for ‘welded bead map’ images and came up with some pretty good bump maps… that’s what I used here…

also SterlingRoth has a good thread going just now about how to texture these…