T+ Align

This is a collection of align tools for 3D View, UV Image-, Graph and Node Editor

> Location in 3D View: tool shelf [T], property Shelf [N], properties data and header line
> Location in UV Image-, Graph and Node Editor: [CTRL+D]

Advanced: looptools and automirror can be added to the panel and menus.

  1. go to > addon preferences > tools > choose on or off.
  2. activation buttons appears if they are not already actively switched.
  3. Save user settings for a permant use.

Version v2.6 (2.79):
github: toolplus_align_v2.6.zip


Great job. Thank for the usefull thing

can you demonstrate us a little bir via gif or video.

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We need to instal extra addons to make this addon work as we wish ?

No! It works completely independent.

This looks great… I’ll have to wait until I get home tonight to download. :frowning:

> Update #1.1: add menu / small ui change / on-off for tools


> smaller addon with custom icons
> panel for tool- or property shelf
> default menu
> only in editmode


> Update #1.2: costum icons / on-off for tools in the panel
> see first post

I double Blendertopia’s request: can you make a small video to show its workings?

Excellent work , can you add maybe automirror see http://blenderaddonlist.blogspot.be/2014/07/addon-auto-mirror.html :eyebrowlift:

@Fatesailor: a wiki is planned

@BennyG: No! I made a separatly modifier collection set. But before i get it on github i have to refine small things.

Thanks for the feedback @mkbreuer and you are right to add this to the other modifier collection set :eyebrowlift:

I have decided to integrate it
If you have any more suggestion: please let me now! …

Update #1.4:
> SnapSet / Automirror / NP Tools / Tools on/off for Batch Menu [ALT+1] / Display
> see first post

Hey mkbreuer, nice set!

If that Anchor Translate in the object panel is an NP, you have a more advanced version in the ‘NP Station’, point_move. It is the same one, just more polished.

Yes it is!
But Point Align (ABC) is similar and work also perfectly with only 1 or 2 point move.
I only tried to bring together some good working align tools.
For more in a architecture work, is NP Station a perfect workflow setup.
Thanks that you like it…

Yes, no problem, you can take the new one and integrate it in your panel (point_move instead of anchor_translate), that’s what i was saying :slight_smile:

I have error, cant proper install addont…

@Jakasan: you use theblender custom build pigeon by fjuhec
He have done some modifications to the blender source.
Please use a official blender release.
Align Tools v1.4 was created in 2.78C

Thanks I will try