T+ Align


Big thanks for your Hard work ! I realy like your T+ addons!

Thank you wuren. maybe you want to try v1.6? (first post)
Please let me now if you found something messy!

Btw, tremendous addon!
Nice organization, and a lot of options and stuff to learn from. A great CAD helper.

Yes it is!
But now it is full customizeable: Panel / Menu / Header
Please test v1.7 > available in the first post

The first time when i install the addon i get this message after removing the old one

, but it works fine i think ,:o

@Benny G
T+ Addons are created in official releases.
You have install it on a nightly build.
That can lead to problems.
When the new stable release is out, i will check again, if anything works right.

Yes it is!
But now it is full customizeable: Panel / Menu / Header
Please test v1.7 > available in the first post

Excellent upgrades, tried it out. Really flexible fetures and good possibilities for customization. Also, nice distribution of settings and 3D menus, i will have to get some tips from you.

I did run into some hick ups though, some settings respond with delay, and if i am not doing something wrong, some settings don’t produce changes (eg NP settings for point_distance)

@Okavango: great that you like it!
Your Tools are very powerful.
I don’t tested all, but as how as i use it, they works well.
I made two addon templates to bring all my setup to the same level.
Maybe you can find some inspiration with it: https://github.com/mkbreuer/ToolPlus-Templates

:)I am open for any suggestion to make them better…

Ok, i think i get what is happening. Your UI buttons are actually activating my operators :smiley:

Apparently, if you have NP Station and T+ installed, T+ will draw NP Station’s operators instead of T+, and the settings influencing them will be in NP Stations addon tab. I had to deactivate the Station and reactivate the T+ in order for it to pull it’s own ops and settings.

I came to the same result.
Maybe it is enough to change the IDs to avoid this happen…

Update #1.8: small changes / add Apply and Display Tools
> see first post

Update #1.9: unblocking NP Station
> see first post

Version v2.0 for 2.79: reduce to essential / added smooth deforming and a pie menu
> see first post

Big thanks !

Thanks ! :yes:

It is not complete finished now.
I will add more on/off toggles for the menus back.
Any further suggestion …?

Version v2.1 for 2.79: fix and ready
> see first post

Great job. Thanks! :rolleyes:

So nice everything whats needed is in . Thank you MKbreuer

Version #2.6:
new: distribute objects > slider to spread objects
new: zero axis > fixed align origin to an axis